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What is Yogic Flying?



The first stage of Yogic Flying



Yogic Flying: The most profound aspect of the TM-Sidhi program—for the individual and for society—is Yogic Flying. During the first stage of Yogic Flying, while the practitioner sits in the cross-legged lotus position, the body lifts up and moves forward in short jumps. One branch of the Vedic literature, the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali, describes this first stage as “hopping,” and further defines a second stage as hovering for a short time, and a third as complete mastery of the sky. Even in the first stage, the subjective experience is commonly described not just as inner peace, but as exhilaration, lightness, and an intense happiness often described as “bubbling bliss.”



Group of 1500 Advanced Transcendental Meditators in Iowa
Improve U.S. Economic, Social, and Climatic Trends

The current 14-week run of unexpected good economic, social, and even climatic news in America is about to get much, much better, according to quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, who is directing the "Invincible America Assembly"—the largest scientific demonstration project ever to monitor the effects of a group of 1200 advanced Transcendental Meditation experts on national trends.

The scientific demonstration project, now in its fourth month, is being held at Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa.

Dr. Hagelin’s predictions include:

• a surge in the bull Dow market towards 15,000

• a drop in oil prices to below $45 a barrel

• falling unemployment rates

• rising consumer and investor confidence

• a 20% drop nationwide in violent crime

• a peaceful resolution of the stand-offs with North Korea and Iran, and a dramatic reduction in violence in Iraq

• and of greatest interest to the Republicans and Democrats: the party that wins the November elections will be in a position to hold onto power "indefinitely"

Prediction based on a scientific formula

Dr. Hagelin’s upbeat assessment is not based on hope or a hunch. Rather, it is based on a solid track record of published empirical research—along with the most advanced principles of physics, physiology, and neuroscience.


Creating a Unified World

............‘Under the reign of Natural Law, our dear world will be free from suffering and fear—everyone will rejoice in health, wealth, and happiness. Our diversified world of today will be a unified world for every tomorrow in the long corridor of time.

‘I fondly invite all the honourable Heads of State to soon declare their country as the Country of World Peace.

‘In my Global Country of World Peace, all the good will belong to all the people in the world. All the rulers will be supported by the invincible power of Natural Law. In my Global Country of World Peace, every nation will enjoy freedom and invincibility in their royal sovereignty, and every flag will share the dignity of every other flag.’
Gratitude to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

‘My announcement of the Global Country of World Peace will not be complete without the expression of my feelings of gratitude and devotion to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who embodies the great Holy Tradition of Masters.

‘Maharishi, the greatest scientist of this scientific age, has brought to light the total knowledge of Natural Law, the Veda, for the fulfilment of all physical sciences. ‘Maharishi’s contribution to the creation of World Peace is unprecedented in the world of all times. There has never been, and there could never be, a greater ruling intelligence than the one that is available in the world today in the form of Maharishi, who is making life on earth heavenly, and who is making Heaven on Earth a reality........


Invitation for Establishing

A Union of Sovereign Nations for
Rapid Economic Development
and Permanent World Peace

Veda is the Constitution of the Global Country of World Peace. Veda is the total knowledge of Natural Law at the basis of the most ancient culture of the world. It has been discovered by the different disciplines of Modern Science—Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physiology, etc.—as the field of consciousness, the Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature. Natural Law governs the infinite diversity of the ever-expanding universe with perfect order.

By the royal command of His Majesty Raja Nader Ram, the inexhaustible treasury of RAAM comes as the gift of the Central Bank of the Global Country of World Peace, which primarily deals with central banks of sovereign countries to fulfil their financing requirements, restoring the dignity of sovereignty of every nation, taking the world economy out of the grip of capitalism, creating a balanced state of world economy, alleviating poverty, and ushering in the dawn of a new world order of affluence, peace, and invincibility of every nation.


Global Administration through Natural Law

Fulfilling the Need of Every Government—
Supporting and Enriching Every National Constitution
with the Constitution of the Universe

Prayers from the Global Country of World Peace to God—and the Constitution of the Universe, the Will of God, reaching every National Constitution through the reliable path of science. Our scientific age brings religion and science together to create a perfect civilization worthy of the almighty God’s Will—a healthy, happy, blissful,  peaceful life on Earth.


Summary of Press Conference Report by Global Country of World Peace (a country created by Maharishi)2002-07-17

While acknowledging that his nature is not to criticize, Maharishi nonetheless offered frank assessments of U.S. President George Bush, the Pope, and modern educational systems that produce criminal minds. Maharishi's opening remarks were brief. He pointed out the inherent flaws of "humanly conceived constitutions with their human weaknesses and failings" which lead to problem-ridden administrations, and contrasted them with the "God-made constitution" which governs the ever-expanding universe with
perfect order and without a problem.

The Press

Peace not based on the whims of the press And while looking to the press to help deliver his message, Maharishi
questioned their autonomy, saying they are paid to promote their governments. He also said that he is not dependent on their assistance. "My success does not depend on the press, even though I want the press to publicize good things. But world peace is not going to depend on the whims of the press. It'll be on the basis of the effectiveness of coherence in world consciousness. "


"I have forgotten about Israel"

To a question about the Middle East and whether Maharishi planned any humanitarian gestures to create a group in Israel, Maharishi was equally direct: "Israel is a child of America. I have forgotten about Israel because when people are murderers, who can bother about them? All that is happening in Israel is the doing of America. Wherever there is destruction, it's the doing of America. For the sake of politeness, one may not say that, but those are my thoughts."

The Pope

Maharishi was asked whether he would join forces with those who advocate prayer to create peace. "There is nothing in the world to compare with Transcendental Meditation," he said, adding "We have heard the champions of prayer and the apologies of the Pope. They are praying to God to be excused for the misery and destruction and impurity that their organization has created throughout the ages. They are not peace-promoters. This is not the kind of prayer that we teach."